J-Oldies Event"Showa99"in Yokohama

"Once upon a time,

there was an era in Japan known as the Showa period.

Post-World War II, amidst Japan's economic struggles, the world's cultures found their way into this land, starting right here in Yokohama.

From Elvis to The Beatles, and even James Brown, influences poured in.

Yet, amidst this global wave, Japan forged its own unique musical culture. Today, we aim to capture the essence of this evolution through vintage photographs and timeless tunes, tracing the roots of our modern musical landscape."


Saito Neon Sign

Event Details

April 29, 99th year of Showa (Showa Day)
15:30 Reception starts 15:45 Entrance (Greeted with a performance on the pink grand piano.),22:00 Closing
TICKET ¥3500 (excluding drinks)
Paid seats available from 18:30 to 21:00 *Free entry and exit during the event. (A pass will be provided upon entry.)

◆Photo Exhibition: "A Certain Man Exhibition - Yokohama Left Behind by Roman Cameras: Showa Yokohama and Music"

◆Showa Special Cocktails by Shinya Totzuka (THE KAHALA LOUNGE)

◆DJs: Comoesta Yaegashi, DANDY, 610, ALiVE, Henchin, Kawapan Cop

◆Showa 99 Band: Odoru Mie, MIKARI, Amane Kaori, Mitsuki Miki, Lavitz Matsuo,Saito Neon Sign

◆Go-Go Dance: Creamers

◆Food: Mutton Taro


< Poster Display Cooperation Stores >

●Yamashita-cho Area:

Three Martini (Yamashita-cho)

Green Door (Yamashita-cho)

●Noge Area:

Bar Sanso (Noge, 5-minute walk from the venue)

Bar Kamome (Noge, 5-minute walk from the venue)

Store with a Black Cat Signboard (Chojamachi)

●Ishikawacho Area:

Wine Bar Ugan (Ishikawacho)

Vintage Clothing Store Chinguru Beru (Ishikawacho)

Venue Guide

Located in a corner of the popular dining area "Noge," in Hinodecho.

Chat Noir, celebrating its 27th anniversary, is a chansonnier hidden within a massive mansion, making you wonder, "Is it really here?"

●1-minute walk from Keikyu "Hinodecho" station.

●10-minute walk from JR and Blue Line "Sakuragicho" station (crossing through Noge).

●15-minute walk from Blue Line "Isezaki-chojamachi" station.

●15-minute walk from JR "Kan'nai" station (passing through Yoshidamachi, Chojamachi, and Noge).

Time table

15:30 Reception Opens 

15:45-16:00 Welcome Piano by Diamond Piano Santa 

16:00-16:25 DJ Henchin 

16:25-16:40 The Creamers! 1st 

16:40-17:05 DJ 610 

17:05-17:20 Bartender Show by Shinya Tozuka

17:20-17:45 DJ Alive

17:45-18:00 The Creamers! 2nd

18:00-18:20 Yokohama Nostalgic Photos Talk Session

18:20-18:45 DJ Dandy

18:45-19:30 Part 1: The Showa99s Band

19:30-20:10 DJ Comoesta Yaegashi

20:10-21:00 Part 2: The Showa99s Band

21:00-21:40 DJ Kawapan Cop

21:40-22:00 DJ Neppu

22:00 Closing

How to make a reservation

For those who make a reservation, we are giving away a sparkling "Showa 99" sticker with a psychedelic touch!

Reservation methods:


1:Send a message to the performers.

2:Send a message via social media (Instagram, X) and join the Facebook event page by clicking 'attend'.

3:Send a message via the 'Contact' section on our website.


Please include your name and the number of people in your party when sending your message.

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